Our Story

Giusella and Valentina are co-founders of The Love Alchemy Jewels. Having grown up in a family jewellery business, they have always been fascinated by gemstones and precious jewellery.

The Love Alchemy Jewels offers fine jewellery that focuses on sourcing high quality pieces, sustainably and delivering them without fuss.

The Love Alchemy is excited to offer next day delivery for selected Perth suburbs* and complimentary standard shipping on all purchases Australia wide.

Our Alfred Cove Studio located in Perth, Western Australia is open by Appointment only. Please feel welcome to make a booking via our Contact page and try on that special piece you have your eye on. We also work with our Jeweller to create your dream jewels using your existing gold and gemstones. We're excited to share a coffee and start discussing some design concepts.

The Love Alchemy is established on 5 founding principles:


Families carry beautiful stories and traditions. We love that our jewellery is solid gold so will become woven into your family’s greatest stories and become treasured heirlooms.Each piece of jewellery has a story and we are honoured to be a part of your family’s journey.


Giusella and Valentina have participated in a number of responsible volunteer projects in Cambodia over the years. One of our core values is paying abundance forward, hence we will donate $3 from every sale directly to our partner charities that are close to our heart.



We’ve worked extra hard to provide our clients with a beautiful unboxing experience and use biodegradable and recyclable shipping boxes and wrapping where possible. The very small amount of plastic we have used is for hygiene reasons however we will keep working towards a 100% biodegradable package. It is important to us that we leave as small a footprint on this Earth as possible.


Recycled Gold 

You know fast fashion, let’s talk about slow jewellery

Buying solid gold jewellery means that you can wear our pieces forever and hand them down to your loved ones. Our pieces are not throw away, one-season pieces. Solid gold jewellery will always retain its value and in fact increase in value over the years. Our range is pure gold and we work with sustainable suppliers and manufacturers in our supply chain.


Giusella and Valentina have been in positions where they have needed to purchase a special gift but have not had the time to browse shops nor time to wait for an online purchase to arrive. Throw in a pandemic and busy family life... 

Our next day delivery option to selected Perth suburbs means that we have made it easy to confidently shop for that special something in the tiny pockets of time. We are an owner operated business so we take extra care to ensure your gift is beautifully packaged and accompanied with a personalised gift message.


We’re believers in finding better ways of doing things and that’s why we’ve created The Love Alchemy. The fine jewellery industry in Australia can be antiquated so we’re offering a new generation of consumers a more streamlined way to shop, receive goods and range to enjoy. No more chain-store, cookie cutter experiences. We’re here to shake things up and make it a wonderful experience for you.

5 Seconds with



What is your star sign?

What was your job before TLAJ?
My background was in corporate banking and payments. I also spent a few years building a responsible volunteering community hosting groups of volunteers in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A piece of my heart lives there.

One word to describe you?

3 amazing countries you’ve visited?
Iceland, Morocco and Cuba

What is a sentimental piece of jewellery you own?
I can’t choose. I love my engagement ring because of the meaning behind it. I also love my Colombian Emerald and diamond ring I found overseas because it was the first significant jewellery piece I bought for myself. 

Favourite TLAJ piece?
I love the Geneva bracelet. It's industrial, edgy, modern and luxe all at the same time.


What is your star sign?

What was your job before TLAJ?
I was a high school teacher and have a passion for Science, the Human Body and understanding how things work.

One word to describe you?

3 amazing countries you’ve visited?
Jamaica, Cuba and Japan

What is a sentimental piece of jewellery you own?
My Colombian Emerald earrings. I've always wanted this particular design so I sourced the stones overseas and had them made. Emerald is my birthstone and when I wear them, they remind me of my core values. My rose gold bangle was gifted to me by my Godmother when I became pregnant with my son. It holds a special sentiment and connection to both of these people and moments.

Favourite TLAJ piece?
Zelen is my new favourite. You know how much i adore Emeralds and it's the perfect example of how beautiful asymmetry can be.


Complimentary shipping Australia wide


14 day exchange option on all our pieces

conscious giving

Proceeds from each sale supports our partner charities in Cambodia